Widespread embodied carbon reporting is essential for the construction industry to effectively address its environmental impact and, as the practice is undertaken with increasing frequency, it’s important to ensure that it continues to be rigorous and reliable. This masterclass session is designed around peer-review and discussion to assess and understand what makes a high quality report of an embodied carbon assessment and will enable informed decision-making and more sustainable practices across the construction sector.

This half-day online masterclass will deep dive into UKGBC’s recently published Embodied Carbon Modelling and Reporting guidance, going through what was learned and why the key messages and call to actions are so important.

The second part of the session will involve an interactive whole life carbon assessment (WLCA) surgery in which participants will work in small groups to discuss WLCA assessment and communication best practice, supported by an industry expert and member of the guidance task group. We’ll review example reports – including ones participants have worked on or commissioned themselves – to look at best practice, and discuss what may be missing. Through discussion with peers in industry, you’ll review your work (or that of your consultant) and determine where improvements could be made.

Why attend

  • Develop a strong understanding of UKGBCs Embodied Carbon Modelling and Reporting guidance, drawing out key learnings and advice.
  • Improve your own WLCAs (or those you’re commissioning) through review and discussion of best practice with peers and industry experts.
  • Connect with others in industry working on WLCAs, including members of the Embodied Carbon Modelling and Reporting guidance task group to share insights and opportunities for improvement.

Who should attend?

This masterclass is for anyone who is delivering or commissioning WLCAs for their projects. A base level of knowledge about WLCAs is expected. It’s also advantageous if you’ve either created or reviewed an WLCA for a current or previous project.

Course hosts and contributors

  • Alex Benstead, Senior Advisor – Advancing Net Zero, author of UKGBCs Embodied Carbon Modelling and Reporting guidance    
  • Joe Pitts-Cunningham, Experiential Learning and Events Manager, UKGBC
  • Task group members of UKGBC’s Embodied Carbon Modelling and Reporting project

Free places are available to UKGBC Keystone members. Please contact learning@ukgbc.org to receive the discount code.

Advancing Net Zero Partners

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Our Embodied Carbon measurement and reporting project is made possible due to the generous support of our project partners.

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All are welcome.

Who is this event for?

Interest in climate change mitigation

An event to discover how the built environment can accelerate net zero, and discuss where we are on our journey.

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