Are you working on your organisation’s net zero strategy? Are you lost in the world of offsetting and carbon pricing? Perhaps you’re unclear on how to set an internal carbon price, or you’re not sure how best to offset your residual emissions. If that sounds like you – or a member of your team – this masterclass is for you.   

We know we need to rapidly decarbonise all aspects of the built environment, and quickly. Through minimum energy intensity and embodied carbon targets for most assets, we can tackle a large part of the decarbonisation challenge. However good those targets are, they’re unlikely to reach true net zero. And that’s why a carbon offsetting and pricing strategy is needed – to manage the residual emissions. 

It is this final approach – furthering climate mitigation through offsetting and internal carbon pricing – that is the subject of this masterclass, built on the recent publication of Carbon Offsetting and Pricing Guidance from UKGBC.

About the course 

This online workshop, split across two 3-hour sessions spread a week apart, will help you to understand and use the guidance developed by UKGBC. It will walk you through the four-steps to creating an offsetting and carbon pricing plan. Through group work, discussion and challenges, the workshop will be an interactive and engaging way to better understand the complex world of offsetting and carbon pricing and set you on a path to developing your own strategy.  

Course details

The course will be delivered online over Zoom across two sessions.

  • Session 1 – Monday, 26 February, 14:00 – 17:00
  • Session 2: Monday 4 March, 14:00 – 17:00

In joining this course, you will:

  • Learn in detail about each of the steps for setting an ambitious carbon offsetting plan
  • Explore internal carbon pricing and learn about how you can develop a pricing strategy for your organisation
  • Clearly understand how to implement UKGBC’s Carbon Offsetting and Pricing Guidance
  • Connect with others in industry, sharing and learning from each other

Please note, this is an online masterclass split across two 3-hour sessions on 26th February and 4th March. We’re running the same masterclass in-person in Central London on 14th March.

Why join the course?

Learn from UKGBC experts about the steps needed to generate a robust offsetting and carbon pricing strategy
Better understand UKGBC’s guidance and how to implement the recommendations
Apply new skills and practice setting a carbon price with an interactive challenge
Collaborate and meet others in industry, sharing challenges and opportunities.

Who should join the course?

This workshop is designed for decision-makers and their teams who are embarking on a net zero strategy that includes offsetting and/or carbon pricing.

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