In April 2019, UKGBC published Net Zero Carbon Buildings: A Framework Definition, which provides the built environment industry clarity on how to achieve net zero carbon buildings in both construction and operation. The framework encourages reductions in whole life carbon and improvements in energy efficiency as the most important steps in decarbonising buildings. However, it also recognises that the procurement of renewable energy and carbon offsets can play a role in a building’s transition to a state of net zero emissions. 

This new guidance seeks to provide clarity on the procurement of high-quality renewable energy and carbon offsets for net zero buildings in the UK. It offers a consistent set of principles and metrics to help guide the built environment transition to net zero. 

Similarly, it is recognised that organisations are increasingly developing their own net zero carbon pathways and commitments. In many cases, the procurement and use of renewable energy has a significant role to play in their transition. The UKGBC guidance complements existing initiatives, such as RE100 and the GHG Protocol, but provides further clarity and direction on procurement specific to the UK market and context.

Although this guidance has been developed primarily to support those using the Framework Definition, much of the information contained in this report will be applicable to broader organisational net zero strategies.   

This webinar will review the guidance and highlight key learnings before we hear from a panel of industry experts. There will also be an interactive element for attendees to ask the speakers questions. 

Who should attend? 

  • Anyone seeking to design, develop or occupy a net zero carbon building 
  • Any UK organisation seeking to develop their energy procurement and carbon offsetting strategies beyond the building-scale, i.e., with oversight of a proportion or all of their organisation’s activities 


  • Alastair Mant, Head of Business Transformation, UKGBC  
  • Emily Huynh, Technical Advisor, UKGBC  
  • Terri Wills, Independent Consultant; former WorldGBC CEO and former consultant to the Climate Change Committee
  • David Mead, Service Line Manager (Utilities), JLL
  • Matthew Webster, Head of Portfolio of Sustainability, British Land

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