Join UKGBC and MCS Foundation as we launch our Local Authority Retrofit Accelerator (LARA) ‘Getting Started’ Toolkit.

In this webinar we will introduce you to and demonstrate how to use our new toolkit. Written for local authorities, the toolkit will help you establish Retrofit Facilitation Services, supporting homeowners in energy efficiency upgrades and aiding the UK’s carbon reduction efforts.

Navigating the complex landscape of energy, climate, and housing can be challenging. This resource aims to simplify that journey, providing a clear route to develop robust retrofit services in line with householder needs.

Our focus is on enabling proactive homeowners to retrofit their properties, a vital step towards achieving net-zero and ensuring homes are warm, comfortable and affordable to run.

Be among the first to see our new retrofit microsite and get your ticket now!

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Interest in climate change mitigation

An event to discover how the built environment can accelerate net zero, and discuss where we are on our journey.