Scope 3 makes up the largest part of any organisation’s emissions with the embodied carbon of buildings being an important part of those emissions. This guidance will provide clarity to built environment stakeholders on how they can use embodied carbon calculations within their Scope 3 emissions reporting.

Following the launch of the Embodied Carbon and Scope 3 guidance this webinar will provide an overview of the reports key themes and allow the audience to ask questions about the new guidance.

This guidance details how developers, owners, occupiers, contractors, facilities managers, and investors and lenders can use embodied carbon assessments to inform their Scope 3 emissions. The guidance also explores how design teams and professional services should report the embodied carbon emissions of their designs.

This webinar offers the opportunity to understand the guidance in more detail and gain a better understanding of how you can use embodied carbon within Scope 3 reporting. We will be joined by a few speakers from different built environment stakeholder groups who will share their experiences with this topic.


  • Jess Elliot, Head of Sustainable Design, Multiplex
  • Louisa Bowles, Hawkins\Brown
  • Andrew Pryke, BAM

You can find the guidance here.

Embodied Carbon Project Partners

Our Embodied Carbon measurement and reporting project is made possible due to the generous support of our project partners.

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An event to discover how the built environment can accelerate net zero, and discuss where we are on our journey.