Course Overview

As the climate and nature crises intensify and extreme weather events become more common, the UK’s buildings, cities and critical infrastructure, and the communities that use and occupy these, are in increasing danger. 

As a sector, we must think about not only reducing carbon emissions and nature restoration, but also increasing the resilience of our built environment to climate impacts. We need to understand the climate-related hazards and risks we may face, and adapt our building and infrastructure in response.  

This introductory course will help people across our industry to begin to understand climate resilience and adaptation, and their links to climate mitigation and nature.  

What to expect

In this 2.5 hour interactive and participatory online session, we’ll cover the basics of climate resilience in the built environment. You’ll be with a cohort of like-minded professionals who are all looking to build their knowledge and understanding of climate resilience. We’ll use various online tools, alongside group work, to create an engaging learning experience, helping you get to grips with the subject. The course will be accompanied by a learning action pack, which will include additional learning and resources.  

The session will cover

The big picture

What’s happening to our climate and what’s the impact on communities, buildings and nature?

Climate resilience and adaptation

what are hazards, risks and adaptation actions we can take?

Creating a more climate resilient built environment

and state of play and stakeholder actions.

What’s happening next?

UKGBC’s Climate Resilience Roadmap

UKGBC are repeating this short-course across the year. Other dates are available here 

Who’s it for?

This short-course is applicable to anyone across the sector who wants to start their learning on climate resilience in the built environment. It may be of special interest to those that are particularly involved in climate resilience, such as: design teams (consultants, designers, architects, urban planners and engineers), policy and government (Policymakers, National Government and Local Authorities), owners and/or occupiers, and those in the finance and investment sector.   

Why join the course

  1. Gain a clear understanding of what climate resilience is and what it looks like for the built environment.
  2. Build your knowledge on the main risks associated with climate change for the UK built environment.
  3. Understand why climate adaptation in the built environment is vital, where the current gaps are and what can be done to accelerate climate resilience.
  4. Get the first insights from the currently ongoing UKGBC Climate Resilience Roadmap project.
  5. Learn some of the actions that can be taken today to begin creating climate-resilient buildings and places.

Course Hosts

Learning host: Joe Pitts-Cunningham, Experiential Learning Manager   

Subject matter expert: Macarena Cardenas, Senior Advisor: Resilience and Nature  

Other information

CPD hours and session length: 2.5 

Please contact for more information.  

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Delivering this course for your team 

UKGBC can offer this course/programme as a closed course for your team or people from across only your organisation. Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements  

UKGBC cancellation and refund policy

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Resilience & Nature Partners

Our climate change adaptation work is supported by our Resilience & Nature Partners.

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