Through UKGBC’s Solutions Library we seek to identify and promote tried and tested solutions that address our sustainability impact areas – Climate Change Mitigation, Climate Change Adaptation, Nature, Resource Use, and Health, Wellbeing and Social Value. The aim is to increase awareness, adoption, and investment in these solutions across the built environment industry.

What type of solutions are we looking for?

They can be from anywhere in the world.

They don’t have to just be based in the UK!

They don’t need to be ‘new’

It could be a novel application of an old product or principle.

They must be possible to pilot or implement more widely now

We are not looking for hypothetical ideas and concepts.

We’re looking for a range of solutions.

It could be a technology, material, product, process, financial model, or government policy or regulation. However it isn’t intended for bespoke advisory or consultancy services.

They don’t have to stand alone.

Could be part of a bigger picture suite of solutions that come together to solve a challenge.

They must relate to at least one of our impact areas.

It must not have any negative effects on other impact areas.

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To be considered for inclusion within UKGBC’s Solutions Library, please complete the form to the right. UKGBC will then review your submission with the Solutions & Innovation Advisory Group. If your solution is included, the information you provide within this form (supplemented by any relevant information from your company website, if applicable) will be directly used to form content for the Library.

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