To coincide with Built Environment Day at COP28, and to mark two years since the launch of the Roadmap, UKGBC reconvened our project partners to provide an update on the built environment sector’s progress towards meeting our net zero trajectory. This is in the form of a “Progress Report”. This Progress Report reviews progress in the four years since the 2018 baseline of the Roadmap. It presents the operational carbon, embodied carbon, and F-gas emissions of the entire UK domestic, non-domestic, and infrastructure stock based on reported data, for comparison against the progress determined to be necessary by the original Roadmap.

Overall, the Progress Report provides insight into progress (or lack thereof) on emissions reduction in the sector over the previous 4 years. The data and key findings are supplemented with narrative reflecting on the lack of supporting policy framework to deliver on the WLC Roadmap’s pathway to net zero.

Key findings from the Progress Report

UK built environment emissions reduced 13% since 2018,

falling short of the 19% reduction needed. This shortfall is equivalent to taking 6.5 million cars or 1 in every 6 cars off the road.

Total operational carbon emissions have fallen broadly in line with the Roadmap.

Embodied carbon emissions have reduced by just 4%, less than one quarter of the amount that was needed.

Committed policies still do not take us close to delivering decarbonisation fast enough to achieve net zero.

Covid-19 had a notable impact on energy demand and operational emissions from domestic and non-domestic buildings.

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Net Zero Whole Life Carbon Roadmap Progress Report

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Data behind the Trajectory in the Progress Report

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