Read the report: Our Wellbeing Lab report is live! Read the report here.

‘Wellbeing Labs’ are collaborative learning programmes, in which multi-displinary teams come together to commit to taking action on health, wellbeing and productivity in their buildings, and crucially share the experience with their peers.

Wellbeing Lab: Offices

We launched our first ever lab in 2016, which focused on the office sector and which culminated in this output report in April 2017, described as a compendium of the teams’ experiences.

Wellbeing Lab: Retail

In July 2017 we launched our second Wellbeing Lab, this time focussed on the retail sector. This is a highly bespoke, action-oriented programme, using our Framework and related tools to support participating organisations in undertaking deep-dive analyses of their retail environments. The outputs of this programme will help us better understand the business case for sustainable design, management and investment decisions in retail property.
The programme output can be read on our website.

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