Problem Addressed

Since 1960 the amount of water people use in the UK has increased by 66%.  We are now consuming 141 litres of water per day. If present levels of consumption continue not just for us but worldwide, two-thirds of the global population will live in areas of water stress by 2025.

Solution Overview

Through a simple swap-out the WRAS approved Waterblade nozzle spreads water out, meaning a 50% reduction in water output without losing any of it’s cleaning power.

It uses between 1.9 and 2.7 litres per minute, compared to a normal tap which uses 10 to 20 litres per minute. In a recent test,  the 6 second flow rate was recorded at 220ml (pre-Waterblade it was 500ml).

Waterblade has won the top UK innovation and water industry awards both in the UK and overseas.

The investment is as little as one unit, retailing at circa £15. Installation costs are zero as replacing the taps existing nozzle with a Waterblade is very simple – it is electro-chrome plated and incorporates state of the art flow control, meaning it is totally ‘plug and play’. All an installer needs to do is change the nozzle on their tap, and the flow is optimised for all mains pressures.

Waterblade is available from Regal Smart Solutions. Please contact Ian Finch –

Case Study

Waterblade is now used by companies such as Sainsbury’s, HSBC, Microsoft, Unilever and many other.

E.g. Microsoft – 15 sites across Europe, 800+ basins, providing yearly savings of more than 4.2m litres of water and over 200000 kWh energy. HSBC has 17 UK sites, 2000+ basins.

Facts and Figures

50 %
1.9-2.7 litres

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