Problem Addressed

One of the most prominent challenges facing the hospitality industry worldwide is energy optimisation in buildings. Hotels are commonly victims to poor energy efficiency, and face many barriers to their adoption of existing solutions. Properties are often limited to small Operations Expenditure budgets and available solutions are not only costly but also involve massively disruptive installation processes.

Solution Overview

SmartREM is a smart room energy management system that reduces energy consumption through advanced AI and IoT technology. The smart HVAC automation works with wireless sensors to detect live room occupancy status in hotel guest rooms, sending immediate instructions to automatically switch off HVAC systems/change it to a more energy-efficient setting when guests leave it running in an unoccupied room. The sensors are retrofittable and have an installation time of less than 5 minutes per hotel room with zero disruptions. Hotels then receive detailed monthly reports to track the savings generated in terms of energy as well as costs.

SmartREM’s occupancy-based Heating and Cooling (HVAC) automation can reduce a hotel’s energy consumption with savings of up to 15% of total hotel energy bills and up to 30% of HVAC energy costs. Energy waste and pollution is thus reduced, and, in addition, Sensorflow plants one tree for every equivalent ton of offset carbon emissions.

Case Study