Problem Addressed

Finding suitable sections from a list of reclaimed steel by hand is a challenging task. It requires design teams to look over lists and find sections that match the properties and lengths required for its use case.

Solution overview

The HTS Stockmatcher is a free web-based selection tool for the procurement of reclaimed steel for use in new construction projects.

The system compares two lists of information: a list of reclaimed steel, and a list of design steel. It finds where design elements may be substituted with reclaimed elements. The matching process considers geometric and simple structural properties, along with the waste produced through offcuts and over-specification. The Stockmatcher reviews all suitable substitutions and returns the most efficient matches. The hope is that it will facilitate the wider adoption of reused steel, accelerating practical application of circular economy principles and help to reduce the industry’s significant carbon footprint.

The tool is free to use.

Case study

6-10 St. Andrew Street, a refurbishment project in the City of London. Using the HTS Stockmatcher, 82% of the new steelwork required has been matched with suitable re-used elements, avoiding 24t of new virgin steelwork needing to be procured.

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