Problem Addressed

Water scarcity is becoming an increasingly prevalent issue across the globe. Its conservation is therefore of the utmost importance, and is challenged by wastage through abnormal use, overuse and leaks. Leaks and water damage can also cause businesses to incur extensive water and repair bills. WINT prevents this hazard and the associated hassle.

Solution Overview

WINT’s system is a leak detection and water analytics device. If there is a leak, the system identifies its location and shuts off the water supply. The meter-lookalike is installed onto the pipework infrastructure and uses AI technology to determine water usage. It then provides real-time, accurate data to scan for leakages and give the user data on their water consumption. It is a standalone solution that uses a sim card to talk to the 24/7 situation room, and requires a 230v power supply.

After 3 weeks of installation, algorithms will have identified the location’s typical water usage and will flag any usage that surpasses this value. The system will then either shut down or will send an alert to someone at the location. On average, customers will save 20-25% on their water usage through leak prevention coupled with this water usage evaluation.

Payback on the WINT system usually works between 12-18 months. However, some installations that have identified issues earlier have seen a payback of 1-2 months.

Case Study

The Empire State Building

Though a comparatively small leak, the fault was located on the water feed to the cooling tower and went undetected for several years. The installation prevented the loss of millions of gallons of water and the potential long term damage to the building that would have accompanied it, instantly realising savings of up to £75k per annum.

Facts and Figures

12-18 Months

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