The ‘Investing in a Greener Greater Manchester: A nature-based solutions investment guide for local authorities’ has been produced as part of the IGNITION project, which is developing innovative financial solutions to support investment in Greater Manchester’s natural environment.

This guide combines data from extensive citizen and local authority engagement initiatives with evidence from IGNITION’s extensive nature-based solutions (NBS) evidence base. The findings are collated and presented as a range of internal opportunities (between local authority departments) and external opportunities (across sectors and amongst communities) for innovation, which can enhance the delivery and long-term security of NBS across the Greater Manchester region and beyond.

There is no quick fix for nature-positive, climate-conscious behavioural change within local authorities or across wider society. However, the recommendations and opportunities outlined within this guide aim to support the next step-change in local authority decision-making and operating, helping them on that journey towards creating greener, more resilient, and sustainable places for people to live and work.

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