Problem Addressed

How to ensure that diverse communities have the opportunity to give their feedback on new sustainable developments including on/offshore windfarms, net carbon zero buildings or new public realm space.

Solution Overview

Built-ID’s platform Give My View empowers demographics who’ve traditionally felt disenfranchised from decision-making to influence the projects that impact them. By generating unprecedented community engagement metrics, it makes it easy to identify data-driven decisions that align your project with community priorities. With the use of the platformstakeholders can give their views, support and suggestions on these developments.

The platform also allows developers to deliver factual information to the communities they are working with and stop the spread of misinformation surrounding these sustainable developments. Built-ID have also worked on multiple community fund allocation projects which supported renewable energy providers in allocating funds to communities and allowed members of the community to give their view on where these funds should be spent. 

Case Study

Give My View was used for a community consultation on an offshore windfarm in Ireland. Over 5,000 members of the communities that will be affected by the windfarm gave their views and were able to get involved in the consultation as a result of Give My View.

The platform was also used on a consultation in Bristol, where the community felt strongly about creating a sustainable development. As a result, the developer is now planting 200 new species of plants and 12 new species of tree in the new public realm space.