Problem Addressed

How to provide actionable intelligence to property managers and building contractors to provide quantifiable benefits in a short space of time and to make the management of buildings easier. To save energy, improve maintenance and increase comfort levels.

This solution was sourced in response to one of UKGBC’s past challenges on ‘Linking Building Occupancy to Energy Use’.

Solution Overview

Demand Logic is a software tool which provides actionable intelligence to property managers and building contractors. Demand Logic accesses thousands of operational data sets, by connecting directly to the building management system network and curating the information into an easily accessible web-based platform. Users can see how a building is operating, with particular focus on HVAC systems, utility meters and internal environmental sensors for temperature, C02, air quality, humidity, and occupancy.

Installation requires just a single Data Acquisition Device gateway to connect an existing building management system to a secure internet service. The connection can be completed in a single site visit which will take no more than 3 hours. The intention is that easy access to resulting data will enable quick identification of any systems, processes or procedures resulting in energy wastage. Demand Logic is also able to pinpoint the exact piece of plant causing any problems. The platform can enable monitoring of individual buildings or entire portfolios and is quoted to result in saving of 10% – 30% on energy costs & reduced carbon emissions.

Demand Logic operates several solutions which are bespoke to each property and partner dependent on the project, service-level, and requirements. The core Demand Logic managed service with full support from  Technical Account Managers would require a one-off setup fee ranging between £0.07 – £0.02 per square foot (GFA) and an annual license fee ranging between £0.17 – £0.05 per square foot per annum. For commissioning support for a three-month period there is a one-off fee of between £0.18 – £0.04 per square foot. 

Demand Logic are also able to provide partnership models with consultants and engineering companies, which provides the platform without support from the Demand Logic TAMs which is available at a lower annual cost. However, all properties, partners and projects are calculated specifically in line with the specific requirements and solution applicable. 

The actions provided by Demand Logic towards cost-avoidance are largely CAPEX free, with most usually completed by the existing maintenance, or building management system contractor as part of their existing service provision. The cost avoidance and savings for energy alone are quoted to typically provide a return of investment of 6-9 months, with some properties having seen this in as soon as 2 weeks.

Facts and Figures

10-30 %
6-9 months

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