Problem Addressed

How to reduce the carbon footprint of fossil fuelled generators. Especially those used by vehicles when roadside working is taking place – some fleets use 5 times more fuel at the side of the road than they do from driving.

Solution Overview

Clayton Power’s all-in-one Lithium Power Supply (LPS) can be recharged from a vehicle, mains power or via solar. It offers the ability to power high demanding appliances, tooling and equipment silently and emissions free.

Clayton Power work with some large vehicle fleets such as owned by Openreach, Cadent, Sainsbury’s and many many more to help reduce their co2 footprint. This solution allows them to turn off vehicle engines when roadside working and also replace petrol generators that they historically carry.

The technology is ready now and can offer savings straight away. Find out more here –

Case Study

Cadent Gas case study can be viewed here –

Clayton Power have won an innovation award for this project.