Our Circular Economy Research Survey document has been compiled by UKGBC using research into the sustainability commitments of Gold Leaf members during 2017 which can be found in the Leading the Way 2018 report. As part of the research, UKGBC interviewed 52 Gold Leaf member organisations and asked them what their organisation was doing around Circular Economy, what the opportunities, barriers and solutions were and finally what more UKGBC could do in this space. This information formed the basis of the UKGBCs Circular Economy programme.

The introductory section in the Circular Economy Research Survey document sets out the importance of circular economy to sustainable businesses and provides some leadership examples both in and out of sector and a section for each built environment sub-sector – clients, advisors, contractors and product manufacturers. For each of these, we set out how each sub-sector within the built environment industry could go about applying circular economy thinking within their businesses and how Gold Leaf members are currently approaching circular economy illustrated with some examples.

Whilst each organisation has a role to play in adapting their business model, this is undoubtedly a topic that requires systemic change with commitment and buy-in from all different players in the sector, partnerships and collaborations across industry sectors, and strong government intervention, both national and international.

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