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The built environment is directly responsible for 25% of UK emissions, lifting to 42% if you include surface transport. Given that 70% of those emissions are generated from building operations, according to Forbes, there is a huge opportunity for the sector to quickly and cost-effectively cut carbon emissions and play a critical role in achieving net zero.

Solution Overview

CIM’s PEAK Platform empowers operation teams to work smarter and more collaboratively to maximise operational and energy efficiency across building portfolios. Buildings with smaller carbon footprints achieve higher sustainability ratings, increased financial performance and deliver a superior customer experience.

Critical operational activities are automated and the completion of key tasks are accelerated by leveraging digital workflows across the entire supply chain. There are several advantages of using the PEAK Platform:

Intelligent monitoring 24/7:

PEAK’s vast library of advanced algorithms continuously monitor all building equipment to immediately identify any failure, major anomaly or tuning opportunity. The PEAK Platform collects and analyses all of your available building data— equipment IoT sensor data, HVAC, lift and electricity feeds, BMS and NMI feeds, weather data and people data — and transforms it into valuable information to pinpoint inefficiencies and opportunities for improvement. All PEAK Alerts include a detailed explanation of the issue, impacted equipment, recommended solution and data trend history. Property teams can also deep dive into the root cause using PEAK’s advanced charting.

Supercharged collaboration:

Property teams can effortlessly assign alerts to the correct team member with just a single tap using Actions Manager. Once assigned, all team members can seamlessly collaborate in real-time to quickly and efficiently resolve issues. With PEAK’s centralised workflow teams spend way less time on meetings, emails and follow-ups – and more time getting things done.

Benchmark your progress:

PEAK gives Operation Managers and property teams the visibility, transparency and oversight required to move to data-driven property operations. PEAK enables you to monitor, trend and benchmark team and supply chain performance, thermal comfort, indoor air quality, energy consumption, emissions avoided and much more.

Building size software fee (from monthly) GBP£:

  • Up to 12500 sqm: £450
  • Up to 25000 sqm: £600
  • Up to 50000 sqm: £895
  • Up to 80000 sqm: £1195
  • Over 80000 sqm: Quote

Case Study

Charter Hall

Propelled by a vision to harness the power of a digitised Office portfolio, leading property group Charter Hall has been reaping the benefits of an operational model driven by data and technology since establishing a partnership with CIM. Supporting Charter Hall’s digital transformation journey, the PEAK Platform provides building analytics across 58 properties covering 1.45 million square metres, improving portfolio visibility, team collaboration, operational efficiency, tenant experience, and environmental performance.

Key partnership highlights:

  • 58 office sites, covering 1.45 million sqm
  • 2,978 actions closed, at a closure rate of 82%
  • 244 stakeholders actively using the platform
  • 58 NPS given by FM’s at Charter Hall properties
  • 13 data providers consolidated into 1
  • 91% indoor environment score, up from 84% in April 2021

The PEAK Platform has also enabled a more efficient supply chain, promoting a culture of seamless collaboration between Charter Hall, its network of contractors, and appointed facilities management firm CBRE. Transparent workflows and centralised communication have ensured issues are identified and rectified with greater levels of accountability, efficiency, and transparency.

Efficiency wins driven by the PEAK Platform are actively reducing Charter Hall’s environmental footprint and supporting the company’s accelerated progress towards ambitious sustainability targets. Collectively, across the properties where the platform is operational, 17.4 million KWh of energy has been saved since 2019, or the equivalent of 12,000 metric tonnes of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) avoided.

This is reflected in the upward trajectory of the portfolio’s NABERS ratings. Nearly half of all properties have increased their official NABERS Energy ratings over the period since CIM was engaged, with an average portfolio improvement of 0.18 for Energy and 0.14 for Water. These improvements can largely be attributed to reduced occupancy levels due to COVID-19, but were supported by operational efficiencies delivered by the PEAK Platform. Data collected by the platform also facilitated 41 NABERS Indoor Environment ratings.

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