The 2021 local and combined authority elections will have significant ramifications for the delivery of both the UK’s national environmental goals and local-authority targets.    

Local authorities possess significant leverage and influence through their services, planning and enforcement roles, housing, procurement, regeneration, economic development activities, education, skills services and investments. Likewise, their wider potential role in facilitating local partnerships, public engagement and communication places them at the heart of developing and replicating local solutions to our environmental challenges.  

Elected representatives can also be a vital catalyst for action across a local authority, either by having responsibility for key policy areas, or by scrutinising existing practice. 

UKGBC has produced a comprehensive briefing designed to help candidates in the 2021 local elections understand how they can help drive the sustainability across the built environment. The full briefing is available here 

We are calling on all candidates to consider our recommendations, and we are inviting both candidates and UKGBC members to help show their support for our recommendations across social media.  

How can I show my support? 

Read our full recommendations and click the buttons below to send a tweet to join our calls for local and combined authorities to:

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