The UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) has today responded to the Government’s UK Hydrogen Strategy. 

Julie Hirigoyen, Chief Executive at UKGBC:

“How we decarbonise heat whilst delivering a fair transition for consumers is a fundamental issue for the UK’s built environment, and how our sector can play its part in reaching our national net zero target. The Government’s Hydrogen Strategy today confirms what the CCC has already outlined – we need a range of technologies working at scale.

“As we look to decarbonise across the entire construction and property value chain, hydrogen should be used where it adds most value, such as in certain industrial processes that are otherwise difficult to decarbonise. The Government should also prioritise developing the most sustainable hydrogen sources, rather than production methods which risk undermining progress.”

“The future use of hydrogen is just one element of our decarbonisation journey. We urge the Government to release its Heat and Buildings Strategy without delay in order to give the sector both clarity and certainty on what the future of heat will look like. Crucially, now is the time to deliver the right package of incentives and policies to truly deliver fair, effective heat decarbonisation at the scale required.”  

Details of work being conducted by UKGBC to produce a Net Zero Whole Life Carbon Roadmap’ can be found here.