The ECIU analysis finds that, were the coronavirus lockdown to be continued or re-imposed during winter months, families in cold, leaky homes would face heating bills elevated on average to £124 per month, compared with £76 per month for those in well-insulated homes – a difference of £49 (£48.7) per month.

Julie Hirigoyen, Chief Executive at UKGBC said:

“This report rightly shines a spotlight on the state of existing homes in this country. With hard times ahead for many families, tackling the issue of leaky and unhealthy homes has never been more important. As we look towards recovery from this crisis, energy efficiency clearly represents a ‘win-win’; a vital opportunity to deliver ‘shovel-ready’ projects up and down the country while reducing costs for households.

“Today’s new analysis reaffirms that action now will not only help secure local jobs across the entire country, but also deliver considerable benefits for residents together with vital progress towards our net zero target.”


The ECIU’s report, Lockdown in Leaky Homes, is available here.