The UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) has today responded to the new Independent Assessment of UK Climate Risk (CCRA3) produced by the Climate Change Committee (CCC), the latest independent assessment of climate change risks and opportunities for the UK.

The assessment shows a staggering increase in urgency compared to the last report, with nearly 60% of the risks assessed given the highest urgency score, demanding swift and effective action within the next 2 years. Eight priority risk areas are identified, one of which is the risks to human health, wellbeing and productivity from increased exposure to heat in homes and other buildings.

In response to the CCC’s advice, Alastair Mant, Director of Business Transformation at UKGBC said:

“The CCC’s message is clear – the UK is at greater risk now than it was 5 years ago and there simply hasn’t been enough Government-led action to address the increasing risks of climate change. Since the CCC’s last assessment 5 years ago, over 570,000 new homes have been built that are not resilient to future high temperatures. And with the Government’s target to build 300,000 new homes a year re-stated in the new Planning Bill, it is vital that action begins to align more closely with ambition, if the climate resilience of our communities is to be ensured.

“Failure to adapt to climate change now will lead to greater financial and societal costs in future.  Government must act swiftly to close the growing adaptation finance gap, building on the support of G7 Finance Ministers for mandatory climate-related financial disclosures, announced last week.

“Ahead of COP26 in November, it is time to show global leadership and initiative by ensuring climate adaptation actions are being implemented at a national scale. UKGBC supports the CCC’s call for greater action from Government, who must now deliver a detailed and costed action plan that ensures we do not fall off the pace in this Race to Resilience. We await the Government’s response to the CCC’s advice with much anticipation.

“Meanwhile, UKGBC will continue to work with leading built environment companies and professionals to create guidance and identify solutions to help the industry make our existing and new built assets ready for future climate impacts.”

The Climate Change Committee’s Third Climate Change Risk Assessment can be accessed here.

Our new Resilience and NBS programme consolidates our work on nature, biodiversity, and climate resilience to date; its first deliverable will produce industry guidance regarding the measuring and reporting of physical risks to built assets.