Jenny Holland, Public Affairs & Policy Specialist at UKGBC said:

“We very much welcome the Government’s decision that the future trajectory for the non-domestic MEES will be EPC B by 2030. It is also right to address at this early stage the issues around implementation, compliance and enforcement set out in the consultation.

“On balance, however – and despite the pressing need to ensure that landlords act early to improve their properties to Band B – we do not support the EPC C interim milestone in 2027. We believe that it does not act with the grain of refurbishment and leasing cycles and could lead to unintended consequences, for example the need to remove equipment installed to meet Band C in order then to meet Band B. This would be both wasteful and disruptive.

“We agree that it makes sense to move away from enforcement at the point of let. Compliance windows therefore make sense in principle as they give landlords flexibility and should also ensure that improvements are well-thought-out in advance.

“We’re also particularly pleased to see a commitment to mandate packages of measures, where they are cost-effective – something for which we argued strongly in our response to the previous consultation. Finally, we support the introduction of an enhanced duty of mutual cooperation for landlords and tenants. This is imperative for the successful achievement of the Band B trajectory.”

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