Julie Hirigoyen, Chief Executive at UKGBC said:

“We fully support the CCC’s calls for climate policy to play a core part in rebuilding the UK following COVID-19. We particularly welcome their focus on investment in low-carbon climate-resilient infrastructure, improving green spaces and making our homes fit for the future.

“Improving the energy efficiency of our homes has an especially key role to play in providing early economic stimulus. It can both support existing workforces and create new jobs, delivering economic growth nationwide. Enabling households to save money on their energy bills means they will have more disposable income at a difficult time for many. Making our homes warmer and more comfortable will also ease pressure on our NHS, while reducing COVID risk factors.

“Energy efficiency is ‘shovel ready’ – with labour-intensive projects rooted in local supply chains. The social housing sector offers a great opportunity for initial investment, given supply chains are already established and the Conservative manifesto committed to a major programme of energy efficiency in the sector.

“We know that the construction and property industry stands ready to support a green recovery up and down the country. Choosing to build a resilient recovery will deliver a better built environment and put us on the road to tackling climate change head on.”


The CCC’s letter is available here. 

UKGBC has prepared an initial discussion paper on the opportunities presented by the built environment for a green economic recovery. This is a draft position for its members to contribute to and will be further developed in due course.