Local authorities across the country are aware of their role in tackling the climate crisis – with 4 out of 5 councils declaring a climate emergency. However, often tight on resources, it can be challenging for local authority officers to navigate the complex landscape of energy, climate, and housing. This is why UKGBC has launched it’s Local Area Retrofit Accelerator ‘Getting Started Toolkit’. This resource aims to simplify that journey, providing a clear route to setting up ‘Retrofit Facilitation Services’ for householders in their area. 

Specifically, this online guide supports the creation of sustainable, local markets for retrofit by helping local authorities design, develop and deliver domestic retrofit schemes in their area. The guide offers tools to help you establish Retrofit Facilitation Services, how to support homeowners in energy efficiency upgrades and aid the UK’s carbon reduction efforts. 

Our focus is on enabling proactive homeowners to retrofit their properties, a vital step towards our national goal of net-zero emissions. With this platform, local authorities can drive sustainable change, creating a future where every home is energy-efficient . By navigating through this easy-to-use microsite, local authority officers should understand the process of what’s involved in setting up a retrofit scheme to meet these goals.  

The guidance is split into four main sections: 

  • Developing the business case- we help you create your business case which will set the stage for your retrofit facilitation service, explaining to decision makers and stakeholders what the service aims to achieve, how you will go about it and the opportunities and risks it presents. 
  • Mobilisation- we walk you through the mobilisation phase of your retrofit facilitation service. This means all of the development activities that need to take place so that your service is ready to start delivering its service. 
  • Service delivery- we discuss some of the general activities associated with retrofit facilitation services and provide links to examples and guidance to help you deliver your service.  
  • Scaling up- we talk about setting up a retrofit facilitation service and putting in place the foundations for something which will grow over a period of years. 

The Toolkit does not end here, we will continue to build upon the guidance with the lastest information and case studies to help you stay informed in your retrofit journey. 

We’d like to thank the MCS Foundation for their generous support which made the creation of this toolkit possible.