John Alker, Director of Policy and Places at UKGBC said:

“Norwich City Council has shown incredible vision and leadership with Goldsmith Street and has set a very strong example for others to follow. This local authority has proved that by investing in great design, it is possible to create a development that reaps the rewards of a holistic approach that prioritises both the environment and the needs of the local community.

“Goldsmith Street demonstrates that social housing can and should be great quality and highly sustainable – there is clearly a strong business case for it.

“As more and more local authorities step up and declare a climate emergency, it is clear to many that the climate crisis requires a comprehensive response. This project shows that we can step up to the climate challenge and address it in a way that benefits everyone.”


More information on Goldsmith Street is available on RIBA’s website here.

Credit to Tim-Crocker for the use of the image.