On reflection of World Green Building Council’s Resilience Week, our Resilience and NBS team spoke to industry experts to advance our understanding on the climate change risk assessment and modelling, and how this can help us adapt to climate change impacts.  

We first spoke to Dr Alistair Ford, lecturer at Newcastle University and member of the Tyndall Centre about his work on the OpenCLIM project which looks at how we might carry out future climate change risk assessments in the UK.  

Dr Freya Garry from the Met Office spoke to us about how we’re currently modelling future climate scenarios, what these climate models can be used for, and by who.  

Finally, Gemma Holmes from the Climate Change Committee spoke to us about the most recent Independent UK Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA3) and how we can use it to act on climate change.  

For more information on UKGBC’s Resilience and NBS programme and previous related publications see here.