UKGBC reacts to the Government’s published response to its consultation on Biodiversity Net Gain regulations and implementation.

The Government’s proposed direction and new guidance on Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) is broadly encouraging and has clearly heeded much of UKGBC’s, and the wider built environment sector’s, advice. Decisions to include brownfield sites, to legislate to further protect irreplaceable natural habitats, and to prevent duplicating the recording of BNG and carbon offsets will be welcomed by our members.

However, by extending the transition period for small sites until April 2024, the Government risks removing up to 100,000 developments a year from the scope of biodiversity regulations – impeding nature’s recovery instead of supporting the industry with the clear, stable demand called for by Chris Skidmore MP to secure green growth. The Government has also missed the opportunity to outline how biodiversity net gain could develop into the broader concept of ‘environmental net gain’ that would integrate and deliver the wider social benefits of nature-positive built environments.   

Together with our more than 700 members and our partners across the sector, UKGBC will be engaging closely with the Government to call for the more tangible, trackable commitments urgently needed to reverse nature’s decline by 2030.”

Simon McWhirter, UKGBC’s Director of Communications, Policy and Places