Problem Addressed

Reducing resource use and waste production on live construction sites for a more efficient and sustainable building/development.

Overview Of Start-up

Qflow enables a positive shift in the way teams collect and use environmental data on live construction sites. Qflow uses a unique combination of AI and Machine Learning to automate the time consuming and error prone process of data capture and analytics, enabling engineering teams to deliver quality and sustainability while minimising project risk.

The Qflow app and API integrations allow you to substantially reduce time spent recording and transferring project data. Qflow automates data capture and analysis of waste transfers and material deliveries at the push of a button. With Qflow, projects are provided with a complete audit chain of data, from supplier to site, enabling greater transparency and accountability throughout the supply chain. This promotes efficiency across the entire project.

What Makes The Start-up Innovative

Qflow uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to automate high quantities of waste and material data capture on site. This process is currently done manually on site through collection of paper-based delivery and waste transfer notes, followed by manual data entry into a local spreadsheet for further analysis. Qflow bypasses this process by automatically digitising paper tickets and analysing them in the cloud, allowing access to data and insights anytime, from anywhere.

How The Start-up Has Been Designed To Scale Up Quickly

Qflow is a Software as a Service (SaaS) product that can be deployed remotely, drawing in data from IoT devices. It is purchased on a project licence, enabling flexible deployment across a company’s portfolio of developments / construction sites in a timely fashion.

Onboarding teams on the platform and smartphone app is quick and can be done remotely, significantly reducing friction for new projects to adopt Qflow.