Problem addressed

Natural Building Systems’ customers are house builders and developers who want to meet the demand from end users for sustainable, energy efficient and healthy homes. They are also under pressure to address increasing regulatory and planning policy requirements.

Overview of start-up

Natural Building Systems is combining low embodied-carbon materials with modern construction methods to transform the industry. Its comprehensive construction system is made exclusively from climate-neutral materials. It’s a breathable, high-performance thermal envelope, floor, roof and internal walls, where all parts are individually demountable so they can be adapted, reassembled and reused.

Building with regenerative materials such as hemp and timber means the carbon captured as they grow exceeds the embodied carbon created from harvest, processing and production. Natural Building Systems’ buildings remove more carbon from the atmosphere than it takes to make them, and are more energy efficient, healthier and comfortable.

What makes the product innovative?

Natural Building Systems has developed a systemized construction solution, combining climate neutral materials with cutting edge digital technologies, to create an expanding library of manufactured SIPs and building components.

Natural Building Systems uses digital tools to standardise parts and reduce lead times, cost, and waste, without compromising design flexibility.

The panels and components are made from non-toxic, climate-neutral materials. Using hemp as primary insulation encourages local production of short-cycle carbon capture crops, and factory-controlled production reduces waste. Individual panels are demountable so they can be repositioned and reassembled in different configurations, allowing buildings to be adapted without waste. Following circular economy principles, there’s no waste when the building reaches the end of its life either, because panels can be disassembled and reused elsewhere.

How the start-up has been designed to scale-up quickly

The ‘kit of parts’ construction method is already well established in out-of-town distribution hubs, where steel portal frame buildings are erected in short order from a narrow range of design options.