Problem addressed

Homeowners don’t know where to start when it comes to retrofitting their home. The market is fragmented and there are so many options available. Furbnow acts as a trusted partner to provide a holistic service for home improvements, from the start to the end of the customer journey.

Overview of start-up

Future-proofing homes through an end-to-end retrofit service. Customers can choose to take the lead on the retrofit project and get advice from Furbnow, or let Furbnow organise all the contractors and project manage the energy efficiency installations. By using Furbnow’s online platform, customers are able to plan their project, follow the progress, and monitor the savings and return on investment.

What makes the start-up innovative

Furbnow are tackling the slow and difficult parts of the retrofit journey with technology and software, particularly home assessments and the project management aspect of retrofit works. They bring together a fragmented supplier landscape with a marketplace so homeowners can receive a tailored offering without having to source and manage multiple contractors themselves.

How the start-up has been designed to scale-up quickly

Technology runs through Furbnow’s service offering, and as much as possible they are digitising processes and working with subcontractors who they bring up to speed quickly with their way of working. This allows Furbnow to rapidly scale. To date, Furbnow have begun in the Midlands region and 4 months later are expanding to the London area.