Problem addressed

Carbon Neutral Homes works to reduce fuel poverty by pioneering the use of community micro-grid systems in the residential sector using green energy to make the homes 100% carbon neutral. It’s developments will reduce the reliance on an already stretched national grid and will rapidly reduce wasted generated renewable energy through the community trading platform.

Overview of start-up

Carbon Neutral Homes delivers net-zero energy bill homes that are constructed using an ‘island mode’ micro-grid (not requiring a National Power connection). The micro-grid will self-generate its energy and trade surplus energy to other buildings through a community peer2peer trading platform. The grid will also use a green hydrogen fuel cell as a secondary generator.

Carbon Natural Homes’ product provides a balanced outlook on thermal performance and airtightness to ensure a healthy home and environment, mitigating fossil fuels and energy provision with moving parts, such as heat pumps, to eliminate responsive maintenance, and with the right fabric and energy generation it is a solution for a net zero energy bill home.

What makes the start-up innovative?

The innovation behind Carbon Neutral Homes’ product is the self-sufficiency of the development and the zero-carbon energy provision in the micro-grid. It is also in the community energy trading platform allowing surplus energy to be traded throughout the grid to balance out the demand curve.

How the start-up has been designed to scale-up quickly

Carbon Neutral Homes’ product has been designed on a standardised model allowing it to be integrated into projects relatively quickly. Carbon Neutral Homes has been discussing its products with the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero and also the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology for support and who wants to see its systems deployed quickly. Carbon Neutral Homes has its first concept site of 10 houses in Cornwall ready for construction.