Problem addressed

Glass is one of the most prolific materials found in urban areas. Unfortunately, birds cannot see glass and it is estimated by the British Trust for Ornithology that up to 33 million birds die each year from collisions with windows. Many current solutions to this problem are highly visible to humans which negatively affects customer acceptance.

Overview of start-up

BirdShades has developed an innovative window-film which is invisible to the human eye but is highly visible for birds. Their technology is based on a bird-specific ability: most birds have the ability to see UV light. For humans, this part of the light spectrum is not visible. BirdShades can significantly reduce the frequency of bird-window collisions, protecting species and improving biodiversity. The window-film has been tested in a number of scientific setups with three studies published in peer-reviewed journals. One of these studies showed a reduction in collisions of up to 80%. BirdShades’ window-film is self-adhesive and can be applied to float glass by professional window film installers.

What makes the start-up innovative

Their bird protection window film was developed and meticulously tested by a team of dedicated biologists and material scientists. BirdShades’ innovations are driven by their passion for evidence-based research under ecologically relevant conditions, and they regularly perform product optimisation and seek cooperations for scientific research studies.

How the start-up has been designed to scale-up quickly

BirdShades is focused on integrating their technology into common commercial production processes which enable them to scale up quickly to provide their product to a growing global audience. They are currently available at selected window film installers across Europe.

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