Problem addressed

All Biodiversify’s work is centred around how best to restore nature at scale in such a way that minimises conflict, maximises co-benefits and does so in the most cost-effective way.

Overview of start-up

Biodiversify is an innovator in UK spatial data science related to biodiversity and natural capital. It has brought systematic conservation planning to the UK market which consists of spatial optimisation solutions for land use planning. It has developed methodologies with UK water companies, local government and national government for better considering biodiversity and natural capital within land use planning in the UK.

Through this work it is about to launch its first automated web platform which allows developers to assess their biodiversity risk immediately and within the context of UK legislation.

What makes the start-up innovative

Biodiversify is founded as a spin out of Imperial College London where R&D and taking academic learnings into practice is central to who they are. They are the first people in the UK to use techniques founded on systematic conservation planning and take them to market. Through road testing these on projects they have since taken lessons learnt into an automated web platform.

How the start-up has been designed to scale-up quickly

Biodiversify has developed an automated web platform which anyone can use, meaning they can serve a large number of people efficiently. Over time Biodiversify would like to build out the functionality based on the evolving needs of the market.

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