The built environment sector must rapidly tackle the climate and ecological crises and associated social impacts. Stretching commitments are being made by governments, local authorities, industry organisations and individual companies. Achievement of these commitments requires radical changes in the way our built environment is planned, constructed, and operated. This is resulting in new challenges that UKGBC members across the industry are seeking solutions for. 

It can be challenging to keep up with the latest developments in sustainable innovation, but UKGBC’s Solutions & Innovation Team is continuously sourcing and profiling impactful solutions, talking to both innovators and the industry adopting them to understand their impacts. 

UKGBC’s Solutions & Innovation workstream seeks to: 

  • Increase the adoption of solutions that help address the industry’s most pressing environmental and social challenges. 
  • Showcase best practice built case studies and viable sustainability solutions through an ever-expanding Solutions Library. 
  • Help innovative start-ups scale and gain market insight through a discounted membership category and dedicated activities. 
  • Support a culture of open innovation and collaboration between corporates and start-ups. 

As part of this work, UKGBC is pleased to announce the formation of a new Solutions & Innovation Advisory Scheme. The members of this group bring a range of expertise from different sub-sectors and disciplines, providing a wide knowledge base and variety of perspectives. The main purpose of this group is to: 

  • Review new solutions and case studies for inclusion in the Solutions Library to ensure their quality and appropriateness to UKGBC’s mission and membership base. 
  • Provide market insight and solution development advice to UKGBC’s Innovative Start-Up members to help them refine their offering and business models.