Partnership Length1 year (FY 2024/25)

The Resilience & Nature programme was launched to galvanise industry action on the climate and nature crises, working with the industry to co-create and deliver guidance, frameworks, toolkits and technical reports that embolden our industry to adapt to climate change and mitigate against biodiversity loss and ecosystem collapse. In addition, the programme works closely with relevant government departments on key policies and recommendations.   

This year, the programme continues to work towards its key outcomes including the launch of a groundbreaking Roadmap for Climate Resilience in the UK Built Environment; the next phase of minimising the construction industry’s impact on nature; and the development of a pioneering framework for nature-positivity, alongside several smaller yet impactful projects and activities.   

We invite organisations to join us in making a significant impact in shaping a resilient and nature-positive future. Reach out to us for more information, specifying your preference for working on climate resilience, nature, or both topics. 

The Resilience and Nature programme exists to enable the built environment to work towards two main aims: 

  • Increasing the built environment’s resilience to physical climate hazards, expanding climate adaptation action across our buildings, infrastructure and environments; and   
  • Working towards a nature-positive built environment, embracing responsible resource use and creating green and healthy environments.  

Working with industry towards these goals, the Programme aims to do this by: 

  • Defining ambitious and consistent commitments and standards 
  • Identifying challenges, solutions and best practice 
  • Raising awareness, increasing knowledge and developing skills.

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Hannah Giddings Head of Resilience and Nature
Head of Resilience and Nature, UKGBC