The Academic Research Forum aims to increase the knowledge and collaboration across the built environment, by re-igniting our work with academic researchers. Our forums are member-led, and by leveraging the power of UKGBC to bring stakeholders together, our members can work on their key challenges alongside other motivated parties.

About the Forum

Academic research provides invaluable insights and evidence into why and how we can work towards addressing the climate and ecological crises. UKGBC’s Academic Research Forum brings together academic institutions from across its membership to share scientific and social research that can accelerate the transition to a more sustainable built environment.

The purpose of the forum is to:

  • Strengthen the links between academia and the built environment industry.
  • Ensure that UKGBC’s major programmes and projects are connected with, and supported by, latest academic research in those fields.
  • Identify research gaps and challenges in need of addressing to help accelerate the sustainability of the built environment.
  • Build a network of, and provide a collaborative space for, researchers and universities passionate about sustainability within the built environment.

Upcoming Academic Research Forums

The Forum is open to UKGBC academia and university members and runs twice a year, online:

  1. Academic Research Forum: Climate Resilience – 24th May 12:30 – 13:30.
    This Forum will help inform UKGBC’s Climate Resilience and Nature Programme, specifically, our work towards defining a “Resilience Roadmap” for the UK built environment – a project due to begin in summer 2023.
  2. Academic Research Forum: Hard to Recycle Materials – 14th November 2023 (10-11:30am)
    This forum aims to enhance our efforts in the Circular Economy by focusing on materials that have proven to be a challenge. The event will foster increased awareness of understanding and methods needed for effectively applying circular economy principles to the specific needs of the Built Environment.

Previous Academic Research Forums

The Academic Research Forum is an evolution of UKGBC’s previously run Universities Research Forum. You can find written summaries of previous Universities Research Forum events below:

  • Write-up of the Universities Research Forum on Nature Based Solutions (held in 2017)
  • Write-up of the Universities Research Forum on Social Value Measurement (held in 2018)
  • Write-up of the Universities Research Forum on Advancing Net Zero (held in 2019)

Get Involved

Learn more about the forum and sign up now by talking to our UKGBC representatives.
Macarena Cárdenas Senior Advisor – Resilience and Nature
Emily-Rose Garnett Solutions and Innovation Advisor