UKGBC is running a two-year, Increasing Nature-based Solutions, programme to enable more ambitious industry targets and increase the application of nature-based solutions (NBS) in urban areas for climate resilience and environmental net gains. This is designed to help the built environment sector achieve the ambition, that “By 2030, all buildings and infrastructure will, throughout their lifetime, be climate resilient and maximise environmental net gains, through the prioritisation of nature-based solutions”.  

To meet the programme’s objectives we will research, co-create and publish “A Framework for increasing NBS in urban areas: For climate resilience and environmental net gains”.  A key component to developing this framework is to collaborate with experienced and knowledgeable industry professionals.

As part of the framework creation process, we are facilitating industry workshops that cover four themes previously identified by the programme’s Steering Group. They are: Funding and Financial Models; Measurement and Reporting; Adapting and Translating Policy; and Business Models and Processes. We have already run a workshop on the first of these themes.

The workshop 

This three-hour workshop is on Measurement and Reporting, Adapting and Translating Policy, and Business Models and Processes. The workshop is split into two parts with a 90 min break in-between for lunch. Part 1 runs from 11:00 am – 12:30 pm and Part 2 from 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm.

Attendees will primarily work in small groups to identify and record the actions and methods that developers, owners, operators, and occupiers can take between now and 2030 to increase NBS. In the first session, attendees will focus on the theme for which they are most knowledgeable and then in the afternoon they will assess and add to the work created in relation to the other two themes. There will also be plenary discussion and time for questions. If attendees are unable to commit to the full three hours, they may join for just Part 1 and focus on just one theme.

Why attend?  

This is an opportunity to collaborate and learn with your peers from across the industry and share your knowledge and experience in order to create a framework that will be adopted into industry practice. Recognition of your contribution will be made within the framework publication

Who should attend?  

The majority of participants should work for developers, owners and operators of buildings and infrastructure in urban areas. The minority of participants should work for organisations including engineers, architects, contractors, urban planners, professional bodies, national and local policy makers, and environmental NGOs. All participants should have knowledge and/or experience on projects that have successfully met all, or some components, of the 2030 NBS ambition i.e. climate resilience, environmental net gains and use of NBS.

The number of available places at each workshop are limited and UKGBC members are prioritised on a first come first serve basis. Non-members can register their interest in attending by emailing  Robert Winch.  

You can find out about our other work on nature and biodiversity here and on climate resilience here.  

If you would like to join UKGBC’s Nature and Biodiversity or Climate Resilience Interest Groups and receive regular updates about our work on the topic then please email Robert Winch.   

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