Update:  The Sustainability commitments insight webinar has already happened. If you are interested in more work and research surrounding our Gold Leaf members, take a look at our annual Sustainability 360 review of our Gold Leaf membership.

UKGBC researched and analysed the sustainability commitments of 52 Gold Leaf members around our five key themes; climate change, resource efficiency, biodiversity, health & wellbeing and socio-economic impact, with a more detailed review of members’ approach to Circular Economy.

The event will share our findings which includes:

  • The business case for taking action on each theme
  • Trends in business leadership in sector and out of sector
  • Highlights and strengths within the Gold Leaf membership
  • Development opportunities for the sector


Hear from project leader Anna Surgenor on the key industry trends that emerged across our five key themes including Circular Economy within the UKGBC Gold Leaf membership and examples of leadership and best practice that have been discovered.  Anna will also share opportunities for further development across the sector and where the industry needs to focus efforts.

Who should attend

UKGBC members who would like to gain insight into the sustainability commitments and performance of our Gold Leaf members who represents those aspiring to sustainability leadership and those with an interest in making changes within their organisations to mirror best practice in their sector.

Why attend

To understand the current sustainability trends of business leaders and key insights into what best practice currently looks like.

Discuss your thoughts with other members and ask the project team questions live in this interactive session.

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All are welcome.

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