Using on-site videos, slides and discussions, the project team from SPECIFIC Innovation and Knowledge Centre, and partners Tata Steel, will explore the innovative features of the Active buildings, designed to enhance climate resilience, optimise energy efficiency and harness renewable resources. You will be able to ask questions on particular aspects, outcomes and benefits of the concept or technologies used. You will also hear about plans for the new Active Building Centre, a £36m project funded by the government’s Industrial Strategy Challenge, to be built in Swansea, to enable the deployment of active, decarbonised buildings.

Check out our blog on the Active Classroom.


  • Understand the techniques and practices used to decarbonise the building, generate energy and reuse resources.
  • Explore the working model and how the processes and benefits are tracked
  • Hear about the partnerships formed and the plans for the future Active Building Centre


  • Joanna Clarke – Building Integration Manager, SPECIFIC Innovation and Knowledge Centre
  • Barry Rust – Marketing Manager, Energy & Sustainability, Tata Steel
  • Maria Kikira – Sustainability Advisor, UKGBC

Who should attend?

This webinar is for anyone who is curious to hear about innovation and industry insights about decarbonised buildings.

Why attend?

Attend if you are interested in innovative design for resilient, resource efficient buildings and how researching and piloting techniques in practice can inform new builds and retrofits.

CPD: 1 hour

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