About the project visit  

UKGBC are organising a series of events aimed at giving a practical and real understanding of carbon offsetting to our members. To do this there will be multiple events that allow members to visit projects in-person, ask questions to the project owners, and understand the reality of offsetting in greater detail.  

This first event is about regenerative agriculture and how carbon credits can support farmers in the transition to more sustainable farming practices. 

The structure for the day is as follows:  

Welcome and Introduction  

Interactive sessions:  

  • Introduction to Regenerative Agriculture, carbon markets and building the future of food supply.  
  • Discussion on the importance of soil health, biodiversity, and carbon sequestration in regenerative agriculture + Case studies from farmer.  
  • Discussion on the barriers to adoption of regenerative agriculture and the role of carbon markets.   
  • Ensuring the integrity of carbon credits.   

Guided Farm Tour by Agreena farmer:  

  • Walkthrough of different areas of the farm, including contextual explanation of biodiversity impact and introduction to relevant farm machinery, which is both a financial barrier and an essential means of regenerative farming.  
  • Demonstration of regenerative farming techniques such as no till, cover cropping, and soil health management.  
  • Opportunity to interact with the farmer and ask questions about their experiences and challenges.  


Wrap up and Q&A:  

  • Informal session to facilitate answering questions and discussions among participants. 

Who’s it for? 

This project visit is for organisations who are actively involved in the process of using carbon offsets as part of their net zero strategy 

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