The Whole Life Carbon Roadmap (WLC Roadmap) aims to create a common vision for the decarbonisation of the UK built environment by defining a carbon budget and trajectory for the sector, along with recommended actions, policies and processes to achieve this vision. The Roadmap is one of 10 such projects across Europe coordinated by World GBC, and will be launched at COP26 in Glasgow later this year. More than 100 individuals from across the built environment sector have contributed to the UK Roadmap via the Steering Group and Task Groups, with input from professional institutions and key sector bodies.  

UKGBC is seeking feedback on the draft Roadmap from stakeholders in the built environment and is offering an introductory webinar to the Roadmap proposals and consultation process. 

There are three main components in the Roadmap draft being consulted on:  

  1. Net Zero Scenario calculating an emissions budget and trajectory to 2050 for the UK Built Environment sector.  
  2. Government and Local Authority Policy Recommendations that set out the critical policies and milestones needed to accelerate the built environment sector’s decarbonisation. 
  3. Stakeholder Action Plan that identifies key actions required for stakeholders in the built environment.  

The WLC Roadmap includes actions for different stakeholders in the built environment across new builds and retrofits (domestic and non-domestic) and infrastructure. Topics covered in the Roadmap include, but are not limited to: 

  • Carbon Budget for the UK Built Environment 
  • Whole Life Carbon assessments  
  • Embodied carbon targets  
  • Planning Policies 
  • Local retrofit strategies 
  • Re-use / refurbishment of materials and assets 
  • Net zero skills 

The draft Roadmap will be published for industry consultation on Monday, 26 July 2021, and will be circulated to workshop registrants prior to 28 July. Webinar attendees will be invited to submit a formal consultation response. 

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