UKGBC members at the Net Zero Carbon Buildings Solutions Forum
UKGBC members at the Net Zero Carbon Buildings Solutions Forum

The Net Zero Carbon Buildings Solutions Forum is a unique group that brings together businesses from across the building value chain – representing the end-to-end delivery of buildings – and some cities/states, enabling net zero solutions to be developed through genuine industry-wide collaboration.

The forum began in April 2020 and has been a solutions-focused forum, encouraging peer-to-peer learning and demonstrating leadership, all around net zero commitments. After a series of hugely engaging sessions, the forum is now evolving into having an even stronger solutions and action focus, and as such it will become the Net Zero Carbon Solutions forum. This will bring together UKGBC members from across the industry to share challenges and solutions on how they and the wider industry can accelerate the transition towards net zero carbon buildings.

The forum is founded on the following broad principles:

  • Solutions focused: the forum should actively create, promote, and share solutions to delivering net zero carbon buildings at scale.
  • Peer-to-peer learning: the forum should encourage the sharing of strategies to help deliver net zero, including organisational net zero commitments.
  • Advocate: the forum should use its collective strength to demonstrate leadership on net zero in the construction and property sector.

This will provide an opportunity to learn from the experience of peers, share your own successes, and bring forward existing challenges where solutions are still required. Overall, the forum’s intention is to catalyse the group’s potential to drive faster action and further ambition, together.

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