Explore how to effectively model building health and wellbeing operational performance compared to design parameters, defining the inputs needed, and how you can take these skills forward in your role.


Carrie Behar – Senior Sustainability Consultant, Useful Projects.

This masterclass will cover:

  • Context to healthy buildings, current trends and early intervention points during the building lifecycle to promote health and wellbeing
  • The concepts of the building performance, and the benefits of conducting a post-occupancy evaluation on a building. Challenges in measuring health, wellbeing and productivity
  • Best practice experience from experts and approaches to post occupancy reviews in H&WB
  • How to bring H&WB performance data into the design of new buildings, defining the inputs needed.
  • How H&WB performance parameters should be included through consultant scope of services and construction contracts.
  • Understand who the key stakeholders are for delivering a post occupancy review, and understand how to monitor and report on key indicators to evaluate performance of a building during a POE.
  • Understand how to act upon the outcomes of a post occupancy review.
  • Be able to apply knowledge to form a post occupancy review strategy on your next project.

Who should attend?
This course is ideal for you if you are a sustainability professional working in the built environment, particularly if you have decision making influence for sustainable projects.

Why attend?
Through a combination of expert speakers, case study examples and interactive exercises get an in-depth view on building performance in health and wellbeing and ‘how to’ guidance on developing and implementing a POE strategy.

For more information please contact learning@ukgbc.org

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All are welcome.