Global Green Building is a powerful online learning programme developed by UKGBC in collaboration with WorldGBC and other Green Building Councils from across the globe. It aims to connect built environment professionals virtually and globally to share examples of international best practice in green building.

Participants will focus on identifying what ‘net zero carbon’ and ‘circular economy’ mean to their respective businesses, projects, developments and buildings, and, using case studies, explore different ways to deliver them.

Objectives and Outcomes

  1. To reach a common understanding of green building, and a shared sense of purpose in delivering net zero carbon and circular green buildings across different geographies.
  2. To understand how to implement these principles in practice in your own business or project.
  3. Reflect on the impact of your business, and redefine your work to best assist in achieving the objectives of net zero carbon and circular resource use.
  4. The programme lasts 4 weeks in total, starting on Tuesday 1 September. You will take part in guided learning sessions using the Moodle platform as a virtual classroom. From this focal point, you will have support to read, research, connect and discuss before applying learnings to your own worked example.

The programme involves a total of 2 days commitment, spread across the 4 weeks (approximately 0.5 days a week).

The Programme

Week 1: Concepts
In this week of the programme we will recap on the why building green is so critical for the future and explore where your own business sits in delivering green building solutions. Key components of green building will be covered as well and the various built environment contexts (policy, market, cities).

Week 2: Cases
In this week, we explore good practice examples, specific case studies and take a look at different building typologies, we will learn from each other about key challenges as well as what your business is doing to ‘build green’.

Week 3: Action
This action week is about the key challenge – how we get to net zero carbon and circular resource use. You are encouraged to think about how this can be applied to your own business, project or building.

Week 4: Change
We will hold a close-out forum where you will share your assignment and findings, and discuss how you, and your peers, can take green building forward.

World and UK Green Building Council experts as well as other experts across the built environment

Why attend?
Connect with others during this time of virtual working, and take time to refresh yourself on different aspects of green building practices. Explore case studies from across the world and consider what green building means for your work and your business.

Who should attend?
Anyone working in the built environment keen to expand their learning and push green building forward in their realm of influence. If you are new to the concept of green building this course will provide you with a good foundation to build on.  If you are a more experienced leader within the sector, this course will provide insights from other geographies, and give fresh perspectives on applying green building practices in your business.

NB: This is not a technical course. The focus is on considering concepts and approaches and exploring how to ‘normalise’ green building within the sector.

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