Global Green Building is an online learning programme, developed by UKGBC in collaboration with World GBC available anywhere, in your own time. It aims to help those new to sustainability in the built environment understand what green building means along with key concepts like ‘net zero carbon’ and ‘circular materials use’. It explores how these concepts interact with each other, and how delivering them is essential to keeping our planet within 1.5 degrees of warming.

Professionals from around the world are grappling with the same challenges and GGB provides an opportunity to learn from diverse examples around the world and each others’ experiences.

All learning takes place through a virtual learning environment where you will be asked to read, research, share, connect, work, listen and imagine. You will explore key concepts and case studies and look at how what you are learning could be applied in your own businesses, projects, developments, buildings.

The expected time commitment for the course is 0.5 days per week. As the course will be fully online using the virtual learning software Moodle, you are free to undertake this learning whenever suits you throughout the month. There will be some interactive elements to the course – such as posting to a forum with other participants and facilitators – which can similarly take place in your own time.

Why attend?

Broaden your knowledge and continue to learn wherever you are. Explore case studies from across the world and define what net zero means for your work for your business.

Who should attend?

People who work in the Built Environment sector but may be new to sustainability and green building.

Please see below for testimonials from previous rounds of the programme:

“This programme offers a wonderful opportunity to learn more about green building case studies and available resources, and to meet others from around the world who are interested in contributing to the Net Zero agenda.” – Kathlyn Tan, GYP Properties 

“The Global Green Building programme was fascinating. It analyses climate change and in particular the severity of the problems ahead of us in terms of our established construction process. It makes you appreciate construction methods need changing sooner rather than later in order to assist in preserving civilisation for the long term.” – Tim Wheeldon, Zeal Hotels 

“I highly encourage those who are new in the built environment to attend the Global Green Building Programme. It was inspiring because of the great sharing from experts who, actually, apply Green Building/Net Zero principles in their projects.” – Sarah Alpapara, Philippine Green Building Council

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