One of the final components of UKGBC Net Zero Carbon Buildings Framework is the responsible offsetting of residual emissions. Residual emissions are emissions that cannot be reduced or eliminated through energy efficiency measures, renewable energy, or other low-carbon technologies. These emissions are often unavoidable, and in such cases, responsible offsetting can be an effective way to achieve net zero.

Although substantial strides have been taken to decarbonise the built environment sector, it is crucial that the industry continues to persevere in reducing operational and embodied carbon emissions by almost 90% by 2050. The residual emissions that remain must be offset responsibly and play an integral role in the transition towards achieving a net-zero sector.

The current lack of clarity and transparency in the carbon market has increased exposure to greenwashing accusations and is associated with detrimental impacts to climate action. For our carbon market to succeed, and for the planet to benefit from the responsible use of carbon offsets, it is vital that industry has access to clear guidance, alongside an effective global governance system.
The purpose of this new report is to offer guidance on carbon offsetting, with the aim of enabling the built environment sector to transition to more dramatic commitments as we approach 2030.

Chair: Smith Mordak, CEO, UKGBC

Technical lead: Chloe Goulding, Advisor, UKGBC


  • Helen Wickham, Berkeley Group
  • Jamie Quinn, Argent (Property Development) Services LLP
  • Basil Demeroutis, FORE Partnership

Why attend

This webinar will launch UKGBC’s new report and provide an overview of what is needed to make informed and responsible decisions on carbon offsetting routes that support the shift towards a net zero built environment. We will be joined by an expert panel who will share their perspectives and answer audience questions.

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Built environment professionals with an interest in carbon offsetting

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