Please note, this event is for UKGBC members only. 

The World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) network is elevating the importance of cities and the built environment in relation to the COP26 climate action agenda. We are doing this by supporting the delivery of a COP26 Cities and Built Environment Day in collaboration with:

#BuildingToCOP26 Forum

The WorldGBC #BuildingToCOP26 Forum convenes a powerful coalition of stakeholders and all their associated networks to raise private sector ambition ahead of COP26, which will take place 1-12 November 2021.

The Forum will achieve this by providing a monthly engagement platform for non-state actors (private sector, cities, states and regions) to support the organisation and promotion of the Cities & Built Environment Day, alongside the Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction (GlobalABC) and other key partners.

The Forum is an incubator for the Ambition Loop

Our goal is to facilitate an increase in private sector ambition ahead of COP26, which will in turn challenge governments and policymakers to adopt more ambitious climate regulations and policies.

This is an example of the Ambition Loop, and it is critical for accelerating progress towards meeting the ambitions of the Paris Agreement.

The outcomes of the Forum will:

  • Consolidate and coordinate resources pre-COP26,
  • Align themes and messaging to create a cohesive narrative for our network and unified communications campaign,
  • Identify and leverage opportunities to promote the Cities & Built Environment Day(s) and its associated activities, and
  • Create a lasting legacy to ensure COP26 is a launchpad for action and initiatives to accelerate the achievement of the 2030 decarbonisation goals.

Join us at this monthly Forum to:

  • Receive updates from the WorldGBC, partner networks, and guest speakers.
    Guest speakers will be invited to present ‘Firestarter Presentations’ designed to prompt creative outputs and discussion. We also aim to share insights and progress from diverse actors on their leadership in decarbonisation and resiliency efforts.
  • Share content that may support the overall activities towards delivering an impactful campaign.
    Participants are invited to contribute updates on their progress in #BuildingToCOP26 and to raise any coordination or other issues which arise with the parties involved.
  • Unlock advocacy opportunities.

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