Course Overview

As the world becomes increasingly urbanised, are green walls, green roofs, and nest boxes enough to bring wildlife closer to our homes and work spaces? Or are there more things we could and should be doing? We can find ways to take inspiration from nature, whilst also integrating nature’s design strategies into our designs and plans. 

Hosted by School of the Wild, this half-day experiential workshop will introduce a fresh perspective and aim to inspire you with nature-based thinking that can increase biodiversity within your projects. 

About this Session

Through extended time outdoors and inspired by nature itself, you’ll explore new ways of thinking and discover practical solutions that can encourage far greater biodiversity whilst playing to your architectural strengths.

Your facilitators will share examples from both nature and the built environment to get your creative juices flowing. You will discover how certain wild animals – nature’s ecosystem engineers – actually increase biodiversity when constructing their own habitats, by creating niches for more species to thrive. 

You’ll get hands on, working creatively with natural materials to apply what you’ve learnt to design and construction. The more creative we get and the more diverse our thinking, the greater the resulting biodiversity and human health benefits. 

So, join us on a journey of discovery and creativity as we reimagine the built world wild style. You’ll take away new ideas that could shape a greener identity for buildings everywhere.

Why Attend?

  • Get outside and develop a greater appreciation of the value of nature
  • Draw inspiration from natural processes
  • Boost your creative thinking and consider new ways of building
  • Explore tangible and practical ideas and concepts that you can take away and share
  • Make connections with peers and like minds, grow your network

Who should attend?

This workshop is relevant to anybody with an interest in incorporating natural systems into urban design and planning, no matter your level of expertise. 

Keystone members can attend this course for free using one of their complimentary learning and development places. For more information please contact

Workshop facilitators

Nigel Berman, Founder, School of the Wild

Nigel is founder and CEO of School of the Wild, a company that brings businesses and organisations into nature to think differently. An experienced facilitator, Nigel is passionate about the power of nature to support transformational and regenerative change in the way people work and live. 

Dylan Walker, Found, Wilderlife

Dylan is half entrepreneur, half ecologist, and half educator. Too many halves? He also failed maths at school. Through Wilderlife he runs rewilding workshops that put people first, and facilitates community-driven nature conservation and ecotourism projects. He believes that fostering a deep cultural connection with our natural world is the only way to protect our precious wildlife in the long term.


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Keystone members are entitled to free places for this masterclass. Please contact for more information.

Delivering this course for your team

UKGBC and School of the Wild can offer this course/programme as a closed course for your team or people from across only your organisation. Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements

This course is part of our Nature and Biodiversity Learning Programme

This programme seeks to radically change delegates view of nature, to a perspective that values and respects nature and humans’ place within the web of life.

Split into a wide number of workshops, masterclasses and webinars over several months, delegates can choose to join any number of sessions and do not need to attend them all. You are instead encouraged to engage with the question – how do I want to better connect with nature? – and seek out the learning opportunities that will help you find the answers you need.

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